Cathy Wiggins

                Creating Art with Leather

About Cathy

Cathy Wiggins is a self-taught quilter who truly loves sharing her passion with others through teaching, lecturing, and judging. In 2003, after 20+ years in the telecommunications industry, she gave up the corporate world to become a quilter. Cathy has several published books on her whimsical techniques, has been featured in virtually all of the well-known quilting magazines, and has filmed numerous quilting television shows. More recently, she has turned her focus to leather and is pioneering the art of quilting on leather with the launch of her own leather line for the home sewer. In the last several years, she has had multiple solo exhibitions of her artistic creations throughout the country including IQA Houston, Road to California and MQX, to name a few. In early 2016, MQX Quilt Festivals honored Cathy for her innovation and pioneering spirit by creating a new award category entitled, "New Traditions in Textiles, the Cathy Wiggins Award". 



Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • Retrospective exhibition covering 15 years of quilting, 2015 Machine Quilting Expo
  • Feature Artist, 2016 Road to California Quilt Show
  • Just for Fun Exhibition, 2016 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
  • Cowboys, Horses, Quilting and Leather Exhibition, 2016 IQA Houston Quilt Festival
  • Against the Grain Exhibition, 2017 International Quilt Museum and Study Center, Lincoln, NE
  • Quilted Art Saddles Exhibition, 2018 IQA Houston Quilt Festival